Project manager

Andreas Falk is CEO of BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH and works on several projects in the thematic field of nanotechnology, nanotoxicology, nano-health and sensor solutions (nano-health, NanoProdEx, NANOFORCE, NANoREG, SPIDIMAN). He is setting up an international hub system focusing on fostering the communication between experts in the field of nano-safety, using already existing national structures as e.g. EURO-NanoTox (European Center for Nanotoxicology) which is coordinated by him. He represents Austria, BioNanoNet and its members within several national and international working groups (NanoSafetyCluster, European Technology Platform Nanomedicine, NANOfutures, COST-Action TD1204, OECD-WPMN,etc.), always having future project ideas in his mind, and promoting collaborations amongst the scientific clientele. He holds a degree in biomedical science (1999) and business administration (2011), combining two major scientific and economic fields into one central contact point for the whole Austrian Nano-Community in the KET's biotechnology and nanotechnology.


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