SPIDIMAN study in humans evaluates sensor performance

With the start of the clinical trial a major milestone within the SPIDIMAN project was achieved leading the project from the technical development phase to the clinical evaluation phase. With successfully completed biocompatibility tests, the clinical trial started end of July and is conducted at the Clinical Research Center of the Medical University of Graz. 12 type 1 diabetic patients volunteered to take part in the study. Each of them will wear two SPIDIMAN glucose readers to assess the sensor performance of the SPIDIMAN system. The 12h sensor tests are planned to start at 8 am in the morning and end at 8 pm in the evening, while glucose dynamics will be induced by high glycemic index breakfast and lunch followed by late and overdosed insulin boli. Reference blood glucose values were taken every 5 min throughout the study.

The statistical data analysis of this study is planned to be finished in October.











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